Thursday, 24 November 2011

"Time is a Gift."

My father was turns 62yrs old last night,In a simple Dinner we celebrated his birthday in our old house somewhere in northbound of Davao City.Me and my husband only his guest...But even we are few of us of his children join him...We still have a good time chatting and laughing.. He did not expect any present from us...He expected only that we can joined with him after our off duty..He prepared and cooked my favorite "Kinilaw na Tuna w/ grilled pork chop", Balbacua , Pork Humba , Long life Pancit more on Filipino food and matching rice...

This week his mobile phone was already retired due to over used for how many years in service.So, I bought him a new Unit Nokia in dual Sim as a Birthday gift..He is so happy for that he had a new mobile phone. with a new sim pack for add'l contact.He was so excited last night on how to operate his new unit...He looks like a child - received a birthday gift then it showed on his face the deep happiness in a way of simple needs...Thoughtfulness is not the amount or the price of your gift, but the thought of showing love to your love ones even in  your hectic schedules.."Time" is already a gift for someone you love.  Happy Birthday Papa!

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