Saturday, 31 March 2012

Artist time to unwind

Unwind, resting and relaxed  moments..
Only in the Philippines...Davao City
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bonding time w/ friends

It is so nice to be with your real and good friends always happy moments..
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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Last week of March

When the first day of March I was so excited about my whole month activities..
And now, I did not noticed that days so fast..

All my activities has been done and make it the most and best for it!

The Birthday of my Mother in Law - we celebrated as simple and direct family members only...that we can talked and bonding exclusively.

The Family Reunion of my Hubby held at Mergrande Beach Resort.

The School Activities of my Daughter - Retreat, Parents day, Parent's Recollection, Graduation and Graduation Ball.That I need to attend everything for her needs and requirements.

My very Special day" my Birthday" It was celebrated with a simple dinner with my husband,daughter and niece. I make it the day that I do'nt cook,clean and did not do the house chores...I wish it could be my special non working holiday LOL.

And a day after on my Birthday, the Birthday of my Unica Hija. my Daughter turns 16years old.

We celebrated with a small party in our house.My daughter wished that she can invited her classmates and school friends...because it will be their last complete friend members bonding.
If they goes to college..some of them will go to other schools and places. So we granted her wishes.

And Now, last week of March is almost finish and April month is fast approaching.

Looking forward the month of April..  


Show me the panda

Show me the panda

Saturday, 24 March 2012

2 days to go:)

I am making my personal count down...Hope you don't mind on my personal thoughts.

I make my blog as my diary and everything in my life I want to be in written here.. If have so much time I will do more post about my everyday personal thoughts and activities..


Token from a couple

Yesterday I received a potted plant from a Couple, token for my coming Birthday..
Advance present from a couple friend.

It so nice and I am so delighted because I am fun of plants.. The Wife is very positive that I can propagate more in the coming days...

So Thankful to have a friend like them.They are younger than me of  less than 10years hehehe ..

Thank you for your gift Cheekeegirl,Plant..I hope I can propagate soon..

Friday, 9 March 2012

Amazing Friday!

Early this morning I was on the rush because I will ride a public utility jeepney (PUJ)  in short, I am commuter every Fridays and Tuesdays.In the PUJ I was amazed and delighted...because when I ride and seat on the PUJ I was used to sign of the cross and  my co passengers in front of me also did after I make it.. So nice to reflect that you can also be a mirror for other people..a simple reflection but it gives me an inner happiness I know  and  I believe my Creator also happy for me. Just a thoughts of Reflection ..

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sunmagicflower's photo shot

This photos are personally captured by sunmagicflower @ her residence...

Special on March

The month of March is one of my Special  month.. My Best friend since high school was the first one who are excited and she already greet me in advance on the 1st day of March.. 

And today one of  my close guy friend based in Alberta,Canada..He also  remembered and greet me very warmly. I love this 2 people, I know that I have a great and special place in their heart...
They are one of My True and Real friend.

Thank you God for this wonderful people surrounded me anytime of my life.  

Bird's nest w/ 4 eggs

Bird's nest w/ 4 eggs 

personal captured by sunmagicflower

Bird's nest w/ 3 eggs

Bird's nest w/ 3 eggs
personal captured by sunmagicflower

The Bird's nest at the window

Bird's nest w/ egg
personal captured by sunmagicflower

Monday, 5 March 2012

Bird's nest on Sampaguita Plant

Taken at outside of our room window grill.
Can you see the bird's nest?

Bird's Nest outside on our window

Two months ago my hubby caught my attention that he finds a nest in our window at the bed room..Bird's Nest was attached in our Sampaguita plants that was also crawled in our Iron window grills. 

We are amazed when we look close inside the Bird's nest it have 3 young eggs.. then on the next day it is already four...I will share some of my personal photo shots.. 

And we learned that the Bird's eggs will have the cycle for 1 month and 2 weeks to make it perfectly can fly called young birds... And the family members  also observed and noticed of so many bird's nest in our fence and plants... 

And they give us a beautiful nature sounds every morning... Sounds of Nature...

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Finger Nails New Cut

My Finger nails had new cut just this morning.. I did not able to go to parlor to pamper myself last weekend for so many errands attended for my daughter's Graduation and Grad Ball requirements. I wish to cut my finger nails Sunday night, But just came in to my mind the belief of my Grand Parents and my Parents not to cut nails on other days and specially during night time because it will give some negative vibes.. Cutting of nails should be done in the morning during Mondays.. and it will give you Positive vibes or lucky.. And I do believe. But on the other side...So many Beauty parlors and Salon they are open for business Monday to Sunday 8am to 10 in the evening... How could I explain this to my Grand Parents and Parents that I also practiced the hours Salon and Beauty parlor just to pampered myself...