Tuesday, 28 February 2012

29th of February

Leap year is only happen every 4years.. so the next leap year will be on 2016.. Today will be the last day of February and March will be on date very soon. We already passed and done the 2 months of 2012. Days to fast..and the 60days we cannot be make it back... and the 1,440 hours already gone.. And we almost starting the first day of March. In the Philippines ,On the month of March , schools are celebrating the Recognition and Graduation...But for me March is the most special month because I and my daughter was born on March.
This month is our personal new year and additional year and additional number to age.. It's God's gift our Birthday.

Daily Life

Everyday we need to survive not only for our daily food but also for our daily lives...In our decisions,work,relationship and everything..I believe Man cannot live on bread alone, We also need the wisdom,guidance and more prayers and protection from our Almighty. He is our only solid source of everything. Be faithful in him.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Last week of February

Times speed goes by...Now it's almost end of the month of February... As Roman Catholic we celebrating the first week of Lenten Season..Last week we are celebrating the Ash Wednesday or marking the forehead using the ash..If you are already marked you should not eat meat on Fridays and until on Black Saturday..but some they also encourage also during Tuesdays just for the Time of Lenten Season...But in my personal thoughts Lenten Season is  a Time to Repent,self reflection and time to be silent, fasting, giving.That we need to control our need, in that way we are sacrificing our pleasure and life style.Not only on food but also our attitude towards other things and people. I just hope I can also participate other Church activities  specially on Holy Week that falls on the First week of April this year.

Yesterday, A bad day..but still looking for good days

Yesterday was not good saturday for me...In the morning, when I changing the position of our Love Birds cage my head was  bumped on the wooden corner of the cage roof my head was terrible aching ...then on early evening, unlucky again that I was fell in the bed while changing room's curtain, my right leg had bruises and green spots..What a bad Saturday for me... But, Still Thankful I was not wounded on the two bad moments and still looking for lucky days to come.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"All things nice" be married soon

I just want to share and post here in my account my personal Greetings to "AllThingsNice.blogspot.com" to be married soon.

I wish you more Nice Things to come and Best Wishes!!
And Welcome to the World of Married Life.


Friday, 17 February 2012

"The Groom"

A Pleasant Friday, I was surprised when someone called on my mobile phone unknown number.But when I answered I know the person who called... The Groom.

One of my client in Wedding arrangement - He  called for wedding arrangement for his friend that planning to be wed this coming May.. He recommended and referred me to the coming couple...And instantly they want me to do their flowers in Entourage,Church as well as in the Reception...I was amazed for a Groom to recommend to other Groom to be, specially in terms of flowers..

But the point is The Groom really likes my arrangements to their wedding...The Artist really appreciates the referrals it shows the art works more likely, not only for the Bride but also for the Groom.. Thank you for the referral...  

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

after 35 yrs...

It's been to long years.. 35years been back to visit my Grandmother and siblings of my mother in Cebu City..I was only 5 years old when my first visited them...I am not yet attending to school...At that time kinder garden will in the age of 6years old. Last January I visited them again...My Grandma is already 85 years old and my uncles who are my playmate in 1976 is now Grand fathers...Time was so fast...And some sad news that one of my uncle passed away 2 yrs ago..But not able to visit them..But I offered prayer and visit him in Cemetery.
(to be con't)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Time is Gold

Time is Gold and gift by God to us..
We really don't know when we will be here and gone..
I just want to say Thank you for this day that up to now I am still breathing and working... Surrounded by my love ones and friends.
Got some reflection on what happen in Negros Occidental for the 6.9 intensity of Earthquake and latest news some area will experience Tsunami...We don't know what will be happen next and what area will be affected.
Lets pray for one another and be thankful of the time God given to us now....  

Monday, 6 February 2012

Busy Monday

Monday as first day of the week...It can described as busy day... as of today I encountered so many matters,Thanks God I am healthy to face it and survived. Thanks for the wisdom and prayers...Thanks God it's Monday..and I'm still alive.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Yesterday and Today

YESTERDAY, I had a bad day, due to some people that can easily says "You did not understand of what I said" But in short He did not get my point because He only wants of what he wants, that I myself can't grant it and nothing can do in his request..This kind of person is very hard to deal,so easily to remarks and says he is right, but, He his self don't understand of what he was saying...Our conversations ends to argumentation.It is hard to argue in older one, but age doesn't matter in terms of work and professionalism, I only fights for what is right and what my Boss says.I am just following instructions..

I just hope Engr.B got my point and learned some lessons.You should be careful of your words and be friendly to all Secretaries,don't ever treat them discriminated due to your belief. You cannot get any appointments from prospect clients and business if don't treat Secretaries very well.

Now, I will smile, reflect and am positive that everything will be clear and done TODAY.