Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hot Fudge

Last night with my husband, after dine in at Mandarin ate my favorite Toppings Mandarin Fried rice with Fish fillet sweet and sour and Beef Wanton Noodles it really make me feel full and beautiful LOL. Food at Mandarin is not too expensive but it can give you contented of what you paid for. Then after Dine at Mandarin..We bought  food at Mc Donalds to bring home for our Unica Hija, while I'm in the take out counter I am craving for Hot Fudge Mc flurry, so I can't stop myself to order 1 for me...I feel so heaven and satisfied while I am walking going to parking area eating my hot fudge... It really make my day complete with the Hot fudge after dinner... Deep happiness for a simple person like me. Have a great day ahead everyone. : )  

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