Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Life in every moment....


Sometimes we take for granted. But to dig the word Life it means so much to treasure for....

LIFE in my personal meaning
L- stands for Love  
I- stands for Importance
F-stands for  Factor
E- stands for Eternity

Everyday of my life, I always says to the Holy Trinity-
Thank you for this day of my life. Thank you for the Unconditional Love.
Thank you for the wonderful day, my family,people who loves and don't love me and everything.
And I always says Thank you for this life that you have given to me and Sorry for my short comings..

Four sentences, shows the meaning of LIFE .......


  1. nice mam weng

    Thanks God for the gift of Life :)

  2. Thank u so much Livingshed for sharing this new ground of life :) So Thankful to God for having a friend like you...God bless


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