Thursday, 24 November 2011

"Time is a Gift."

My father was turns 62yrs old last night,In a simple Dinner we celebrated his birthday in our old house somewhere in northbound of Davao City.Me and my husband only his guest...But even we are few of us of his children join him...We still have a good time chatting and laughing.. He did not expect any present from us...He expected only that we can joined with him after our off duty..He prepared and cooked my favorite "Kinilaw na Tuna w/ grilled pork chop", Balbacua , Pork Humba , Long life Pancit more on Filipino food and matching rice...

This week his mobile phone was already retired due to over used for how many years in service.So, I bought him a new Unit Nokia in dual Sim as a Birthday gift..He is so happy for that he had a new mobile phone. with a new sim pack for add'l contact.He was so excited last night on how to operate his new unit...He looks like a child - received a birthday gift then it showed on his face the deep happiness in a way of simple needs...Thoughtfulness is not the amount or the price of your gift, but the thought of showing love to your love ones even in  your hectic schedules.."Time" is already a gift for someone you love.  Happy Birthday Papa!

"My Father in law"

Yesterday after our duty in the office..
My partner and me goes to shopping Mall to fetched my daughter and we proceed to Davao Memorial Park to offer prayers and lighted candle for my Father in law celebrating his birthday, he departed last 1990...We did not have the chance to  meet in person but Where ever he is, may God gave him the peace of eternity.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

"God will find a way"

"God will find a way"

Every time I am alone and thinking of so many things that previously and presently happening... Only God knows my everything because that's the time I am talking to him...even I am not alone,but in time of my silence and solemn I talk to God mostly... He is my guidance and he is the one finding the way for it.. Somehow as a human being I can also do some wrong doings..But God always make feel that he is with me and not so happy of I am done, And I know he make a way that he will inform me he is with me.  

Feeling Blue

Am feeling blue today....But still thankful even in daily routine and mixed task..I still survived and alive...I hope tomorrow will be better than today...I'm craving for comfort and to pamper myself this evening...I hope I can make it..Hope I can make some walking this evening or use my treadmill for relaxation and to make me release and out everything......

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Last week we just finished our Company task...and it is very Positive response and very good result due to perseverance and support of all employees...Love this company since I am 18yrs old...I hope someday I will retire in this place with this hard working people...


Just received this morning from our Officers just returned  business trip...they gave me a set of something to use to be more pleasant and presentable in everyday routine.. and the other one gave me 2 packs of healthy finger food from Japan...I don't the name because it was tagged in Japanese words :))...But still it is very nice to eat every now and then and when u start pop then u will not stop until it will all consumed heheheheh..
What a happy Monday and received  plenty of surprises....Thanks to God!  

I Love Chocolates ever!!!

Just receive a box of Lotte Almond Chocolate --
It makes me feel really full filling and make my day complete :))
Inspired!  Super love chocolates!!!! 
Thank U Boss!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

"The Big Event "

                                A Positive views for Tomorrow..
                  The BIG Event for the great and fair result of  "Saging".
                               Looking forward with a positive outcome...
                    May the Lord God  to shower more blessings for this company...
For the hard working employees and with full support of Employer...Good luck to everyone!!!!

A Wonderful Working Day :D

                What a Wonderful and challenging working day!! 
But, Am so happy that I have done my best part : ) I love this day! Thank you Lord for the gift of life and perseverance...And thank you for the people who really appreciated my effort.. My heart are smiling and soul is laughing...Thank You for this Day,oh Lord!!!!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

your Word

On your word oh Lord, will keep me alive in positive ways.

2 Timoteo 3:16

"All Scripture is inspired by God and an instrument to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives.It corrects us when we are wrong & teaches us to do what is right."

"The OO7 Watch"

James Bond showing his new telepathic wrist watch to a lady:

JB: My watch says you are not wearing any underwear...

Lady: I am! (indignant but flustered and blushing)

JB: Oh, my watch is 10mins.advanced : D

"The wife"

Just for Laugh # 1

Dad: "Well, son, how is your married life? "
Son:"Not very well,Dad. It seems I Married a Nun."
Dad: A Nun?
Son: "That's right. None in the morning,None at night,None unless I beg!"
Dad: patted his boy on the back."Why don't we all get together for a nice talk tonight?"
Son: "say,Dad.that's a great idea!"
Dad:"Fine,I'll call & tell Mother Superior to set 2 extra plates. : D

Hot Fudge

Last night with my husband, after dine in at Mandarin ate my favorite Toppings Mandarin Fried rice with Fish fillet sweet and sour and Beef Wanton Noodles it really make me feel full and beautiful LOL. Food at Mandarin is not too expensive but it can give you contented of what you paid for. Then after Dine at Mandarin..We bought  food at Mc Donalds to bring home for our Unica Hija, while I'm in the take out counter I am craving for Hot Fudge Mc flurry, so I can't stop myself to order 1 for me...I feel so heaven and satisfied while I am walking going to parking area eating my hot fudge... It really make my day complete with the Hot fudge after dinner... Deep happiness for a simple person like me. Have a great day ahead everyone. : )  

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dinner Date

Some time of this month, a husband invited her wife to have dinner in one newly opened known restaurant.wife so amazed and delighted a dinner date for a couple with out any special occasion... Wife has been very busy for the past months and likewise to her partner...Got spear time to have dinner date instantly with out any reason.

Then, wife asked lovingly to her husband, What is the occasion that you what to dine in this newly opened and slightly expensive food but in fairness they served food so savoring...??  Then the husband replied just want to dine in a new place and ambiance with you...Wife is so touched and feeling in heaven...Just a simple and short remarks but very much appreciated and gave his wife a distress and relaxed of being dependent to him and felt so loved by then.       

How lovely a couple can give special time to each other even in ordinary occasion ...Husband give a very special moment to her love one.. 

He did not wait for special occasions to arrives just to have special moment with his beloved wife wennforever.  

wennforever love her  husband very much.More blessings to shower to this couple.Be God always with them.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

" Today"

An Interesting Definition of " TODAY"
T-This is another
O-Opportunity to
D- Do
A-A work,better than

A Brother's message of my Sister in Blood :)

Sister's in Blood

Sometime in 2005, it came into my life one lady who really touched my life and she make me as me now.She's been a big part in life.We are not connected as relative but we are more than a family or sisters..She traits me as her younger friend and later on we became friends, we can say anything we would like to discuss, everything!

I love to say some issues or words that she is not used to say..and we will just laughed and enjoy the moment.We shared foods because she love to taste new endorsed foods..Some are good and some not. We shared everything.She is so thoughtful, loving and frank. She is a kind of person that she will always go with the right and correct ways.She is a kind of person that really identified the black from white and white from black.

One day she need a blood donors for some problem in blood functions.. Did not come in my thoughts that we are in same blood type and RH..But, We are compatible in blood, it really matched! She started her blood transfusion since 2005 up to 2010..Sometimes as her regular blood donor, I will be failed in pretest of PNRC..I was so disappointed every time I will not passed and be qualified as donor. But when I am qualified being a donor,it really make me feel heaven and receiving an achievement..Thanks to God for many times I was qualified and helped her.

Last Oct.2,2010 her older Brother address me as Sister's in Blood..I was so touched by then...I did not think of having sister even we are not family related. And I also have her family too,they accept me as part of their family...How I am blessed to have this people.

Even She is gone.And already embraced the Heaven with our creator..She will remain in my heart..And I know she is always with me. May you rest in peace my Special Friend, My Mentor and my Sister in Blood.Missing you.. 

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Art of Life ...

LIfe is like a clay in the hands of God.. 
All shapes and curves,all details represents the art of life..  Appreciate Life.....

Life in every moment....


Sometimes we take for granted. But to dig the word Life it means so much to treasure for....

LIFE in my personal meaning
L- stands for Love  
I- stands for Importance
F-stands for  Factor
E- stands for Eternity

Everyday of my life, I always says to the Holy Trinity-
Thank you for this day of my life. Thank you for the Unconditional Love.
Thank you for the wonderful day, my family,people who loves and don't love me and everything.
And I always says Thank you for this life that you have given to me and Sorry for my short comings..

Four sentences, shows the meaning of LIFE .......