Friday, 6 January 2012

will be missing a friend

It's been a busy days for the month of Nov. and Dec... But ,Time goes by..... I will just keep and treasured the moments with my family and friends spend for the past days and also for the coming days...It's another year a gift from God....

It is nice to know after 20yrs exactly I will meet again my high school classmate that so looking strict and serious ....but then we are very good friends for how many years ...I am so Thankful for the very high technology in means of communications...Thank u to FB,e-mails and skype and so on... I recognized 1 young man (41yrs old) but still young man for me...I treated him as my Kuya but likewise he also treated me as his Ate...That's why we called each other Kuya and Ate...He is going back today in Alberta-Canada..Hoping and praying God will bless him more and having a safe trip in anywhere he goes. I do love and care my Kuya...... for lots of reasons .... He is very unique friend and Kuya... I will be missing you Kuya Dex and I will treasured the eating and laughters we spend with Joan and Belle...Thank You so much for your time and  effort to meet our schedules... Hope to see you after 8yrs?? : )

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