Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dinner Date

Some time of this month, a husband invited her wife to have dinner in one newly opened known restaurant.wife so amazed and delighted a dinner date for a couple with out any special occasion... Wife has been very busy for the past months and likewise to her partner...Got spear time to have dinner date instantly with out any reason.

Then, wife asked lovingly to her husband, What is the occasion that you what to dine in this newly opened and slightly expensive food but in fairness they served food so savoring...??  Then the husband replied just want to dine in a new place and ambiance with you...Wife is so touched and feeling in heaven...Just a simple and short remarks but very much appreciated and gave his wife a distress and relaxed of being dependent to him and felt so loved by then.       

How lovely a couple can give special time to each other even in ordinary occasion ...Husband give a very special moment to her love one.. 

He did not wait for special occasions to arrives just to have special moment with his beloved wife wennforever.  

wennforever love her  husband very much.More blessings to shower to this couple.Be God always with them.

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