Tuesday, 10 July 2012

17th years @ 07.08.12

Last Sunday July 08 me and my husband Celebrating our 17th years Wedding Anniversary with my daughter and niece.We attended Holy Mass and a simple Lunch @ Riverwalk - Crocodile Park.We ate our fave foods Tuna Sinuglaw (combination of fresh Tuna and grilled pork),Deep Fried Hito,Pork Barbeque,Sinigang na Hipon, Grilled Spare ribs and rice.We enjoyed the food and the place that was our first time in the place as complete family..Sometime we have a date me and my hubby only.. or dining with friends.
I cannot imagine time went fast. We are in our 17th years in marriage. I really thank God that he gave me a person who are more than what I am expected to be my partner.  I was so blessed to have a lifetime partner who stood by me through thick and thin. Even in my younger time and single when I am still with my parents. He knows everything to me, family and my parents in rocky and comes up to separations. Boy friend before and my Husband now was always with me, the man who is always being a shoulder to cry and lean on. Hand that ready to hold me, when I am weak. With guiding voice who will keep me in the right way decision. Who have enough courage to guide me during in my confound moments. I know in marriage there is ups and down. I know we can do it as a team and partner. Thank you for the colourful years passed by and more wondrous years to come.:)


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