Thursday, 12 July 2012

"Nothing is sweeter than the togetherness we share" With Love, J.CO

 The Newest  J.CO endorser LOL ;D …???!!!   

Last Tuesday, we got a surprised pasalubong from Manong Fred,The J.CO Donuts!!!!
I never expect one of this days that I will be handed this box of donuts from J.CO. the newest  donuts in Luzon and I heard that only 2 branches in Manila that Originally from Indonesia and  The 3rd Branch will be in Greenbelt. If,I am not mistaken.

Sorry for the messy :)

The J.CO donuts, I already seen in Marco/The Soul Explorer Blogs, He posted so much photos and when I saw it I’m craving to taste even one piece with Hot Coffee or Hot Choco are a great match. But, because of Manong Fred the craving was realized. The J.CO donuts look sweeter but when I tried it was not that sweet as I expected a balance of sweetness and softness in the tongue. And I did not stop until I tasted every flavour in this box in small sliced only not the original size ha ha ha   

Thank you to Manong Fred who really brought it for us and hand carried from Manila to Davao City. Even in his 1 day vacation @ Luzon, He left extra time for buying this stuff. Nong Fred is so generous and solicitous. Thank You Manong Fred, for always sharing us something where ever you go. Thank you!
Thank you also to cheekeegirl for the gorgeous photos ;D :D :D 

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