Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Blogging?? Or Face Book account??

Blog or Face Book???
It is so hard for me to decide for these two sites that has been part of my life. ahhhhh

Blogging??  Or Face Book account??

Face Book??
Actually I had been on my Face Book account for 4 to 5 years now. So updated on my real world posting events and photos and so easy to gathered my old time friends from childhood friends and neighbourhood from Elementary to College and also reconnected with my friends and co-employees from my First Employer and to present. On Face Book, it is so easy to reconnect of to others and Meeting new friends. Sometimes I can also do business in my account on posting my Personal Flower arrangements Photos. I can also show my personal crafts.Flower arrangements for Birthdays,Anniversaries,Weddings and any occasion that needed flowers.  And sometimes I can encountered people who are really covered from skin up to the bone of envy hahahahhaha . I meet person that cannot accept the reality of life and individual uniqueness. But that a seldom person but dangerous and poisonous hahaha But I also meet people who really know me very well and appreciates as an  individual, I hope you are one of them. They are lots compared to the negative one. Thanks God for that!

Blog Site?
My Blog site were almost 1 year and up to know still not in good status hehehehe. With the help of my friends and encouragements I am still surviving on it. They keep me going and giving more points of view in terms of life as blogger. Many Thanks to them! (They know who they are :) I will try my best to keep on going and going.I can also meet people here from any places in the world and knowing their place,culture nature and as individual.I also learned a lots of ideas and interest from other bloggers and advertizers.And I know this is also a part of my life.This is the site that I can express my personal thoughts.This is the real life.

And now I will not choice one between the two. But I will go both. 


  1. Sounds cool! :D Add me on facebook, let's be friends! haha! I too try to manage both accounts, but sometimes it gets hectic!

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