Monday, 11 June 2012

Life is Gold , Time is Treasure.

It’s been so long, did not update my blogs due to my hectic schedules and the ups and downs in life I experienced for the past months.

Sometimes in Life we cannot predict the events and whatever we wish it to be, If the most powerful in our life would not allows, we can do nothing on it. Life, Life oh Life is hard to dig up and to view what is life after this very moment.

For the month of April, started on first Saturday my husband was not in good health condition due to his diabetes and every Saturday for the almost 1 month we did the following check up , laboratory test  and everything …. So exhausting in terms of emotional and financial, But I know God will always provided us of what we need.

Then after my Husband conditioned was stable and neutralized blood sugar and cholesterol and blood pressure he under go diet and exercise until now.
It is so hard if one of the family members is ill. So I can say that Health is Wealth!!!
Thanks God that my husband now is going stable.

Still Life I can share to you…
My brother in law passed away last month, He was confined at San Pedro Hospital for 18 days at the ICU and sad to say he did not survive. He passed away last May 29, I was so pity on them especially to my younger Sister had a teenage boy, 14 years old, still very young. We are stand by at the Funeral Parlor for 9days..due to Death Certificate on hold because of our due to Hospital Bills, so hard for us to find ways in that very moment  we lost someone then you will also secure everything for the remains to be in good and last resting place. Thanks and Praised God even we delayed so much but all was placed in the help of other people. My brother in law was buried yesterday at Marikina Memorial Park with his parents and family memorial lot as requested by my brother in laws family and relatives.

Life is so Amazing , Wonderful to cherish in every moment .. We cannot hold on to it until God want us to be with him. Life’s calling.

So hard to believe that in just one click everything will b change and someone will be missing.
I learned so much Life in the past days of my life.. Even I know It so hard to be left away by love ones. But I learned so much on treasuring time with the one you love in every moment of your life. Time is so much more that a Gold. Life is Gold and Time is to be treasured, no matter is the situations. We must  show  love and show up and speak up what would you like to be brought up. Express yourself before it’s too late.   Show Love and spent more time with your love ones.


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