Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mother's Day

Hi everyone!

Mother's day is fast approaching , We all know that Mothers have a biggest part in our lives.In this coming sunday A Special day, can we treat all mothers a Special Non Working Moms :) ... LOL... Even in 1 day we can give and treat them like a Queen- serves by breakfast to dinner and everything..Caring, Kisses-Touching and showing  Special thoughts in acts or in  written is very significant in this kind of occassion.A mother's role is 24/7 :) always on call and on duty.

Notes or Letters for me is much appreaciated than buying  expensive stuffs. The note or letter content will be treasured in mind and in heart, that will last ever because it express feelings and emotions towards mother - If my daughter will ask me for what I would like in mother's day I prefer she will be beside me all the time and to make note..May the notes content  not all positive will be much fair and balance...I don't like also that all positive sides of me only she can tell..I want also the negative sides so that I can improve and learn more on it, a comments from my avid critics my daughter and hubby 101% real and true :)I can guarantee on it :) : )

Well anyway to all mothers out there....and  becoming mothers too.(Pregnants)

Happy, Happy Mother's day!!!! Make it more Special in simple ways..And don't forget to Pray and to Greet also Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary on that day. Okay?



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