Tuesday, 1 May 2012

First day of May

Time go fast and days goes by...No one can hold and control on time and days...For the fast few weeks and days.. I was so preoccupied and  lots of things to do...I'm no yet finish on it..Still working on it and some have additional to attend to.

Last April 10, My Uncle passed away for instant and first Heart attact and his blood sugar uncontrolled.At the age of 46years old..His widow My Auntie Joy aged 47years old...told me that I have to be careful on medical attact signs. She knows that my hubby also not in good health..

Lat month of April also my hubby have not in good health and went through almost every week, this coming week is our 3rd time on his laboratory check up procedure. Repeated because his test not going normal even he already in take his medicines and proper diet and exercise.. I hope this coming weekend will get normal result on his laboratory test.

It is so hard to have a family member had an ill.. Felt so drained.For me, I will prefer health than money.   

Now, I am also sick had a mild cough and fever. I think due to our weather here.Sometimes in the morning so hot and sunny then after 3 to 4pm will rain..Cannot predict the weather anymore..last saturday going to visit my father and sister in our old house it was very sunny but suddenly rain showers falls with hot sun...

Sorry my co bloggers, I cannot attend to visit you back or attend your messages immediately  due to my personal needs now.But will try to reach you very soon if everything will be fine and normal.

Today is the first day of May -Legal Holiday because we are celebrating the Labor day.Thanks for this day I made some relaxing time and doing this for your information in my personal life now.

I'm also attending my Elementary Reunion as the Coordinator...I cannot say No to them because they already set all with assignments. after 29 years we did not meet after our graduation last March 1983.I will share to you some of our photos this coming May 13.
Wish me good luck and Have a great day to all!!

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