Thursday, 29 March 2012

Last week of March

When the first day of March I was so excited about my whole month activities..
And now, I did not noticed that days so fast..

All my activities has been done and make it the most and best for it!

The Birthday of my Mother in Law - we celebrated as simple and direct family members only...that we can talked and bonding exclusively.

The Family Reunion of my Hubby held at Mergrande Beach Resort.

The School Activities of my Daughter - Retreat, Parents day, Parent's Recollection, Graduation and Graduation Ball.That I need to attend everything for her needs and requirements.

My very Special day" my Birthday" It was celebrated with a simple dinner with my husband,daughter and niece. I make it the day that I do'nt cook,clean and did not do the house chores...I wish it could be my special non working holiday LOL.

And a day after on my Birthday, the Birthday of my Unica Hija. my Daughter turns 16years old.

We celebrated with a small party in our house.My daughter wished that she can invited her classmates and school friends...because it will be their last complete friend members bonding.
If they goes to college..some of them will go to other schools and places. So we granted her wishes.

And Now, last week of March is almost finish and April month is fast approaching.

Looking forward the month of April..  


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