Sunday, 4 March 2012

Finger Nails New Cut

My Finger nails had new cut just this morning.. I did not able to go to parlor to pamper myself last weekend for so many errands attended for my daughter's Graduation and Grad Ball requirements. I wish to cut my finger nails Sunday night, But just came in to my mind the belief of my Grand Parents and my Parents not to cut nails on other days and specially during night time because it will give some negative vibes.. Cutting of nails should be done in the morning during Mondays.. and it will give you Positive vibes or lucky.. And I do believe. But on the other side...So many Beauty parlors and Salon they are open for business Monday to Sunday 8am to 10 in the evening... How could I explain this to my Grand Parents and Parents that I also practiced the hours Salon and Beauty parlor just to pampered myself...  

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