Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Yesterday and Today

YESTERDAY, I had a bad day, due to some people that can easily says "You did not understand of what I said" But in short He did not get my point because He only wants of what he wants, that I myself can't grant it and nothing can do in his request..This kind of person is very hard to deal,so easily to remarks and says he is right, but, He his self don't understand of what he was saying...Our conversations ends to argumentation.It is hard to argue in older one, but age doesn't matter in terms of work and professionalism, I only fights for what is right and what my Boss says.I am just following instructions..

I just hope Engr.B got my point and learned some lessons.You should be careful of your words and be friendly to all Secretaries,don't ever treat them discriminated due to your belief. You cannot get any appointments from prospect clients and business if don't treat Secretaries very well.

Now, I will smile, reflect and am positive that everything will be clear and done TODAY.

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