Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Gift

Gifts means giving with out expectation of returns or payment.
Gift giving means of making other people more happy and amaze.
Gift also can refer as a favor or peace offering:)
Well, last March 27 was my 41st Birthday...
I received lots of greetings even on the first day of March..
I also received lots of special gifts..I don't mind how small or big but the thoughts and efforts. 
Will  share and post photos the presents I received this month of my Natal Day.   
Thank you to all my friends who remembered my Special d


  1. Hmmm......Happy birthday to you
    I would really like to here....

    1. Thank You for your visits Harun Ar..you are very welcome to stay here:)

  2. postingan yang sangat menarik :)
    sangat bermanfaat.. ^_^
    keep posting yaa..

    ingin barang bekas lebih bermanfaat ?
    kunjungi website kami, dan mari kita beramal bersama.. :)


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